New iPhone app: MyVibe – The first sex toys app for iPhone

MyVibe: taking vibration control to a whole new level

You might want to think twice before you take back your friend’s iPhone. A new app has been released for the iPhone by Apple that turns an innocent-looking phone into a sex toy! That’s right; the MyVibe application, available for free in the iTunes Store, can turn your iPhone into a vibrator!

How it works

The app includes a power button similar to a computer’s power button and arrows (up and down) to control vibration. A lower number vibration level will make the pulses faster, and a higher number vibration level will make the pulses slower.

When the MyVibe app is activated, you can use the arrows to control the vibrator as it works its magic and reaches a climax that no one thought possible through a phone. The intensity of the vibrations has its limits since the iPhone can only vibrate, but the app never guarantees ultimate pleasure either.

Choose how you use MyVibe wisely

This can be a great feature for some, but others can still use the app for sexual pleasure. To be honest, what you choose to do with this new iPhone app is completely up to you. And what you do in the privacy of your home is nobody’s business other than your own. Whether you use this app for its literal use, or as a joke, the fact remains that it is quite entertaining anyway. This app gives a whole new meaning to the text messaging you encountered at the bar.

MyVibe app could bring a whole new meaning to phone sex, adding vibes to genitals while sending dirty texts to your partner can definitely make things more interesting. However, if you find yourself hanging out with your partner and having fun with the vibrator iPhone app, you might want to turn off your ringtone so that your boss or mom doesn’t end up calling you in the middle of a juicy situation. . With this app it is important to remember when it is time to have fun and when it is time to be serious.

Whether you are interested in the iPhone’s MyVibe app enough to use it as a sex toy or just want to play with it, there is nothing to lose in trying it out. Since it’s completely free to download, you can as well get it from the iTunes app store today.

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