Now see ‘Aarti’ in Ganga Ghats on cruise, Ro-Ro ships as PM Modi opens it in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate development projects worth several crores to his parliamentary constituency, including health, education, clean water and traffic during his visit to the parliamentary constituency on Thursday. The PM will also inaugurate a cruise to promote tourism in Varanasi.

Tourists from all over the world come to Varanasi to get a glimpse of the glory and spirituality of the famous Ganga Aarti. The view of the 84 Kashi ghats, encompassing spirituality, religion and history, also fascinates people. Now tourists will be able to see it all while sitting on a state-of-the-art cruise.

Information on the spiritual and religious history of all the ghats seated in the cruise will also be obtained through audio-videos. Apart from this, two Ro-Ro tourist boats will also float on the Ganga River in Varanasi, which will be used for public transport and daytime tourism.

Not only domestic but foreign tourists also visit Kashi in large numbers every day. From now on, an ultramodern cruise and two Ro-Ro boats with a capacity of about 200 people will facilitate the tourists. From now on, two Ro-Ro boats will take tourists to the various ghats of Varanasi, these boats are named after Swami Vivekananda and Sam Manik Shah.

Varanasi Division Commissioner Dipak Aggarwal said: “Ro-ro ships will also be used for public transport, so there will be less traffic on the road. Ro-Ro ships and cruises will not only operate in the morning and evening at Ganga Ghats, they will also navigate the Ganga River during the day so that people can travel for their daily work. These boats will operate on the PPP model. If you want, you can book it as part of a special tour package and take it to places like Shool Tankeshwar, Kaithi Chunar, etc.

The interior of the cruise will contain religious and spiritual views of Kashi as well as the history and heritage of Kashi. Inside the cruise there is a large screen to give information to tourists. The audio video will also be played on the screen. With an aerial view of 84 Ghats from Assi Ghat to Adikeshav Ghat, information about the history, religious and spiritual significance of Ghats will be shown and told to tourists.

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