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Pope: the cross of Christ is an invitation to put aside conflicting agendas

Saint Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionist Fathers, is represented with Mary and angels in this work of art provided by the order. In a letter to attendees of an international theological congress organized by the Passionist Fathers, Pope Francis said that Jesus’ death on the cross reminded Christians to focus on helping the vulnerable and to “put aside the methods and controversial programs ”. CNS Photo / courtesy Passionist Fathers

Jesus’ death on the cross calls Christians to focus on helping vulnerable people rather than defending contentious programs, Pope Francis said.

In a letter to the participants of a congress organized by the Passionist Fathers, the Pope declared that the saving power “unleashed by the weakness of the cross reveals to theology the importance of an approach which knows how to combine the height of reason with humility of heart. “

“Before the Crucified, theology is also invited to approach the most fragile and concrete conditions of men and women and to put aside controversial methods and agendas, sharing with joy the work of study, and seeking with trust the precious seeds that the word throws in the midst of the jagged and sometimes contradictory plurality of cultures, ”he wrote in the letter published on September 21.

The international theological congress from September 21 to 24 focusing on “The Wisdom of the Cross in a pluralist world” was part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Passionists in 1720 by Saint Paul of the Cross.

“The purpose of the congress is to try to discover a current language and method for announcing and witnessing, in this ‘pluralist world’, to the wisdom of the cross and to deepen the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice as the most credible proof. and concrete of God’s love for humanity and of a sure promise of resurrection and salvation, ”the Passionists said in a statement.

In his letter, the Pope declared that by contemplating Jesus on the cross, Christians become aware of the love and mercy of God for all men and women, a love and mercy that “reach to extremes. of our human condition ”.

“The cross of the Lord, source of salvation for men everywhere and at all times, is therefore vibrant and effective also and above all at a crossroads, such as the contemporary one, characterized by rapid and complex changes”, declared the Pope . .

Pope Francis expressed his hope that the congress would foster “fruitful theological, cultural and pastoral interactions” and that it “would contribute to a renewed understanding of contemporary challenges in the light of the wisdom of the cross, in order to foster faithful evangelization. for God’s purpose. and attentive to humanity.

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