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Prayer and food packets lead to salvation for South Asians

Love, prayer and food packets made a South Asian family trust the ultimate supplier.

Seema was in dire straits. Her husband was unable to get out of bed and the couple struggled to put food on the table for their many children. The family had very little and were malnourished and depressed. Kirthi, a South Asian Christian, prayed for Seema and her family and gave them a food packet consisting of rice and lentils.

Seema and her family were very receptive to the gospel and eager to learn more about the Bible. Kirthi visited them regularly, continuing to pray for them and sharing Bible stories. Seema and her eldest daughter dedicated their lives to Christ, and a few months later her husband did the same. Through prayer, God improved her health. Now the whole family attends church regularly and a group meets weekly at their home for Bible study and prayer.

Thanks to generous hunger relief donations from Southern Baptists and a partner church of International Mission Council missionary Millie Seymour, Kirthi was able to donate a food packet to help this family survive and have a chance to learn more about Jesus.

Shining like lights

Kirthi and other believers in her neighborhood use the food packets to help those in need in their community. When believers distribute the food packets, they are praying and sharing the gospel. Meeting their physical needs allows them to shine as bright lights of Christ’s love in their neighborhood.

A few years ago, Seymour trained Kirthi in the Care Through Prayer method of sharing the gospel. Care Through Prayer starts conversations with strangers or acquaintances by asking if they can pray for something in their life.

This method, Seymour said, creates a wide-open door for conversations in low-income communities. Seymour said that with modeling and practice, she became a consistent and bold evangelist. Her talent for evangelism leads her to make friends and share the gospel daily. Kirthi partners in ministry with Seymour.

God had placed a burden on Kirthi’s heart to reach as many people as possible in her neighborhood in a South Asian megacity. Many of his neighbors in their low-income community have physical and spiritual needs. Kirthi and several other women offer to pray and listen, and people gladly welcome them into their homes. Seema was one of the women who invited Kirthi to her home.

IMB missionaries used the money donated to IMB and Send Relief to buy the food packets that Kirthi and other South Asian Christians distribute in communities. You can help meet the physical and spiritual needs of South Asians.

world hunger sunday

August 28 is World Hunger Sunday. Global Hunger Relief (GHR) is an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention dedicated to fighting hunger and sharing the bread of life.

Mission-focused GHR projects are carried out by Send Relief, a joint ministry of North American Missionary Council and IMB. All GHR projects have an intentional spiritual strategy, work with Southern Baptist staff, solicit local input and expertise, and have accountability measures. Learn more about the impact of this initiative.

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EDITOR’S NOTE — This story was originally written by Millie Seymour and published by the International Mission Council.