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Real issues should guide our conversations, not religion, says Fredrick Nwabufo

Fredrick Nwabufo, columnist and media entrepreneur, called for disciplined conversations about the 2023 elections.

Speaking in an interview on News Central Africa on Monday, the journalist urged Nigerians to question those who have stood to run for office on real issues, instead of sparking discussions around overriding interests.

He said Nigerians are bound to repeat the same mistake of electing flawed leaders if they do not now start vetting candidates based on their track records and qualities.

“The Muslim-Muslim ticket is not a problem. Does not matter to me. It should not cause these reactions. I prefer to assess candidates on their background and skills. A track record says a lot about a candidate. If a candidate had been bigoted in the past, what is different about him now,” Nwabufo said.

“We should ask ourselves which of the candidates was able to manage diversity well when in office? »

“What should guide our conversations now is competence; who can fix our economy, provide infrastructure and fight insecurity, not whether someone is Muslim or Christian. The conversations were disappointing. It is either the ethnic group, or the religion, or the Fulani shepherds.

Nwabufo also said he was sad that the presidential candidates have yet to release their manifestos so that Nigerians can better assess them.

“A few months before the elections, we have not yet seen the manifestos. We have to be serious,” he added.

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