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Discovery has unveiled a number of real crime series that will air on its Discovery + streaming service in the coming weeks.

First, Discovery in the UK announced on Thursday (October 21) that it has ordered two full-length crime series in Deadliest moms and dads (w / t) and Real death in paradise, both of which will be available on Quest Red Discovery + later this year.

Deadliest moms and dads is an 8×60 minute series produced by Crackit, exploring the crimes in which parents killed their children, and is a branded extension of The deadliest children. Real death in paradise, meanwhile, is a 10-episode series produced by Workerbee, a British company in Banijay, which explores the mysterious deaths of British citizens in beautiful places. The series deals with both resolved and unresolved cases with access to archives, first-hand testimonies from family, friends and investigators, and is supported by police evidence, news reports, home videos and more.

The series was commissioned by Clare Laycock, Senior Vice President of Planning and Ideas, Head of Entertainment, Discovery UK. They were also commissioned by Charlotte Reid and produced by Romy Page for Discovery +.

Meanwhile, Discovery has also ordered 26 hours of real crime for the American channel Investigation Discovery from Arrow Media.

Included in the commission is the 6 x 60 minute series Love, honor, betrayal, which uses real images to tell stories of betrayal by husband and wife. The series premieres November 4 and will be available to stream Thursdays on Discovery +. The series is produced by Ash Potterton and Tom Brisley for Arrow, and Diana Sperrazza for ID.

“What has always set Arrow Media apart in the cluttered factual space is our exceptional storytelling. By combining first-hand testimonials from victims with archival footage of their marriage and happier times, we are able to paint a full picture of the crime and to tell deeply moving stories of how they were betrayed, ”Potterton said in a press release.

Commission also requests 20 additional hours of Arrow Media series American monster, which will premiere on Investigation Discovery on October 31 and will be available to stream on Discovery + on Sunday. American monster is produced by Brisley and Nick Metcalfe for Arrow Media, and Tim Baney for ID. Arrow’s portfolio with Investigation Discovery also includes the series See no harm and Body Cam.

Discovery also announced the first two episodes of the series. Undercover Underage will begin airing on Discovery + on November 2, with new episodes available every Tuesday.

The six-part docuseries follow the team at Safe from Online Sex Abuse (SOSA) as they transform children’s lawyer Roo Powell, a 38-year-old mother of three, into a teenage character and work to reveal the true identity of the men who reach towards it. Ron Simon is the executive producer of Undercover Underage for Discovery +.

“Online sexual abuse and exploitation can happen quickly and quietly. A minor can be alone in their room and someone can abuse them through their phone 2,000 miles away, ”said Roo Powell, founder of SOSA, in a press release.

“And what complicates things is the fact that this type of abuse is not as well known, leaving many children and adolescents confused, ashamed and isolated. My hope is that by expanding awareness with this show, we can prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation online, as well as empower parents and caregivers to be a compassionate support system for children in their communities. .

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