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Religion linked to greater sexual happiness according to a new study

Photo by Nguyễn Tân on Unsplash

Source: Iona Institute

Patrick Fitzgerald writes:

One of the greatest articles of faith in modern liberal societies is that the sexual freedoms we now have have made people happier and more fulfilled. An accompanying belief is that we must slay the “dragon” of religious sexual repression in order to gain our freedoms. But now a major new study has been released which shows that religious believers, and specifically religious women, are more fulfilled in their sex lives than their secular counterparts.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, draws on a large nationally representative sample of thousands of Britons aged 18 to 60.

Citing previous studies, the researchers hypothesized that “higher sexual satisfaction among religious people may at least in part be attributable to higher investment in long-term partnerships and relational intimacy.”

The authors point to other studies that show “those who attend church more frequently are more likely to be married” and less likely to be divorced.

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