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Religion: Part-Time Loyalty

Jerry Abercrombie greeted the congregation Sunday morning at Mill Creek Baptist Church, and we wished Becky Johnson a happy birthday. Becky was also recognized for her many years of faithful service to the church, and a luncheon was held after the morning service in her honor. A note of thanks was read from the White Rock School, and special healing prayers were asked for many. We honored our veterans Tim McCaine (Army), Roger Boyle (National Guard) and James Hampton (Navy) and thanked them for their service.

The adult Sunday School lesson, “Leaders Needed,” taught by Shelley Hall, was a study of Micah and reminds us that “ungodly leadership will lead to the wrath of God.” Terry Lett taught children’s Sunday school and they studied “Jesus is the Light”.

Linda Abercrombie read Romans 31:6 and shared a devotional, “Who holds you? We need a big God because we’ve made a big mess. Remember who held you in the beginning and who holds you today.

Tyrel Lett asked for God’s blessing on the offertory and he and Mitchell Lett served as ushers. The congregation joined in the vocals to sing “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies,” with special praise music from Karen Gardner, who sang “Amazing Grace.”

Our pastor, Mark Hall, read Revelation 3:14-22, then began Sunday’s message, “Part-Time Faithfulness,” the final sermon in the series, “Church Killers.”

As Brother Mark spoke from the scripture, he told us that the church had a problem then, as many do today, part-time faithfulness. He told us that in a recent survey, since 2020, after the pandemic, 4,000 churches have closed and 20,000 pastors have quit.

“It’s the result of part-time loyalty, which is epidemic. It’s kind of like putting just $5 gas in your truck instead of filling it up. We just want enough gas to go and come back today. It’s like a lot of people today who just want enough of Jesus to take them to heaven when they die. They want the benefit without the commitment. It’s like being on a basketball team. and want to play in the championship game without going to practice. You have to It’s like phoning in our faithfulness. We want the church to pray for someone, but we’re not there to do that.

Brother Mark referred to Matthew 8:18-20 and talked about what it means to be all in it.

“God expects two things: unconditional trust and undivided attention. Does he have your full trust? We can be committed until we get what we want. We can’t just be players and ride the fence. It’s dangerous because you could get shot on the wrong side and never come back to the right side. It’s like trying to be on the right side with Jesus and on the wrong side with the world. A cult and a mixed lifestyle equals a mixed message. We are to be seen and known as Christians. We will never lead anyone to Christ if we are just lukewarm and ride the fence. Casual Christianity and Timely Worshipers partial will kill a church where the devil cannot.

Brother Mark read Revelation 2 and spoke about the letter to the church. “We better hold on to our faith. We must strive to persevere. Part-time faithfulness might get you a part-time God. Would you like this? There is life in Christ.

In conclusion, Brother Mark shared this with the congregation: “When the child of God loves the word of God and sees the Son of God, he is changed by the Spirit of God into the image of God to the glory of God and becomes faithful to the things of God because he has found the truth in God.”

Our invitation anthem was “Have Thye Own Way, Lord”, and Steve Mason gave the blessing.

We invite you to Bible study on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m., Sunday school at 10 a.m. and Sunday morning worship at 11 a.m.

— The opinions expressed are those of the author.