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RELIGION: The Beauty of Being Broken Before God | Opinion

Have you ever wondered if God is listening to you? One of his many divine attributes is that he is omnipresent, which means he is everywhere at the same time. His presence constantly permeates the atmosphere, whether on earth, in heaven, or throughout the universe. This is how He knows everything that happens and every word that is said. He knows every tree that falls in the forest and every thought that has ever been imagined, and the motives and intentions of every heart.

I like to go for walks in order to have the necessary privacy to talk to him. It comforts me and gives me peace to know he’s there, even though I don’t hear him answer in a literal voice. Like you, I have discovered that it is easy to share with Him, but difficult to hear and understand what He is saying. Sometimes I’ll just stop talking and listen to him in silence. As Psalm 46:10 speaks of being still and knowing that he is God, we are encouraged to stop letting stress scare us and learn to rest in his presence. A key to developing a strong personal relationship with God is having a holy reverence for who He is and that begins with being broken before Him.

Since Romans 10:17 says, “So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ,” we know that hearing always precedes obedience. Faith can arise when instructions are revealed, however, if we don’t have the desire to understand, we don’t have the vision to do His will. We can get libraries of knowledge, but the life-changing gift from heaven is the passion to hear God’s voice. The next step is to decide how much of our will we are going to give up. During the Welsh Revival of the early 1900s, a song frequently heard by those seeking to walk closer to God was: “Bend me lower, lower, lower at the feet of Jesus.” Yes, spiritual awakenings can become widespread excitement, but the focus is on the individual entering into the holy of holies with God on their own. This spiritual metamorphosis comes through a personal conviction of the Holy Spirit who opens the eyes of conscience and understands what it means to be saved by grace and to become a servant of Christ as Lord and King.

Christendom’s greatest need today is not necessarily more religious seminars, programs, or conferences. It is up to men and women to be broken before God and to realize their great need to be focused on his constant presence. Once broken, we will be endowed with divine supernatural energy, wisdom, and the anointing from heaven will be extremely evident. The scent of Mary’s alabaster box could not be released until it was broken. To accomplish his desires, we will have to allow the Lord to break us so that the inner fragrance of his presence can be released. It is then that we will have an awakening in our souls and be able to convey and express His compassion to others.

I heard a story years ago of a minister who said one morning that he had climbed a mountain and was sitting on a rock beholding the majesty of God, when nature revealed a profound message about Christian life. He noticed something very interesting about the grass covered in fresh dew. The blades that stood high and stretched skyward had no refreshing water droplets, but the blades that were bent on the ground had several droplets on them. Bentgrass reminds us that seasons of spiritual refreshment often come when we bow to it in a state of gratitude and humility. It is the attitude of descent that allows us to experience the reality of His majesty.

Psalm 51 is one of my favorite chapters and verses 16-17 say, “For you will not take pleasure in the sacrifice, or I would give it; you will not be satisfied with a burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you shall not despise it. The life that stands tall and arrogant is not in the spiritual position to bask in the presence of his glorious presence. When the dewdrops from heaven fall on the heart that is calloused and distant, they roll away, leaving that soul to remain dry and discontented.

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