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For UCCS students, staff and faculty who have not yet learned the use of pronouns, do not know how to use certain pronouns, or do not know which pronouns to use for someone and when, there are resources that can help you learn about the topic.

MOSAIC Director Whitley Hadley, who uses the pronouns she / her and them / them, wrote in an email that the MOSAIC office has “some resources available to the UCCS community regarding the understanding, use and pronoun processes ”.

These resources include a guide to changing names and pronouns, an online “Pronouns 101” page, a list of hate and prejudice resources, and free pronoun buttons located in UC 110 for community members to bring to the website. campus.

“DeJae Spears (they / he) is the LGBTQ + coordinator of the [MOSAIC] desk and available for individual and group meetings, ”said Hadley. “Students can program [a meeting with] them via Starfish, by email, by phone, or by going to the office [to learn more about pronoun use]. ”

Hadley said, in addition to the Safe Zone and Trans Ally Zone trainings offered by MOSAIC throughout the semester, “Inside Out Youth Services…[also] offer a variety of resources and training for the community.

Students can get in touch with Inside Out Youth Services by calling 719-328-1056, or by emailing us here.

Canvas also provides a framework for students, staff, and faculty to include their pronouns on their profile next to their name. You can access more information about this setting here.

Hadley recommends that, for in-person lessons, students also update their information in MyUCCS so that their pronouns are listed next to their name on class lists.

They said, “[It is] a stronger practice to introduce yourself and include your pronouns to help cultivate an environment that recognizes gender diversity.

Hadley noticed a sense of confusion among members of the UCCS community about the proper etiquette of pronouns in the classroom. “If issues persist when they are patchy or a faculty member refuses to deal with them properly, then I encourage [students] meet with Vice-Chancellor Spaulding of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Dean [Amanda] Allee in the Dean of Students’ office, ”she said.

“It helps [UCCS] best support the student in the way that works best for them, whether it is simply speaking, mediating with a faculty member, reporting the issue to the rector, connecting with organizations students or support groups, coordinate campus programming or other options, ”said Hadley.

Students can contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by calling (719) 255-4762 or sending an email to

During Trans Remembrance Week, MOSAIC hosted a crash course “Pronouns 101: Using Inclusive Language” for members of the UCCS community looking for an introductory workshop on using pronouns, which is not was just one of the many LGBTQ + events organized by MOSAIC throughout the semester.

“[We] have staff and faculty looking for continuing education and workshops so that they can best offer a gender affirming campus / classroom / office, ”said Hadley.

“We also encourage all community members to participate in our ongoing programming through identities that add depth to their knowledge through our panels, focus groups, movie screenings, music listening evenings, volunteering, book clubs and other means of engagement. ”

Additional on-campus resources for pronoun information include the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center, the Kraemer Family Library, and the UCCS Spectrum Club. “The wellness center offers an LGBTQ + support group with two trained professionals,” said Hadley, “[and] the library has a large collection of LGBTQ + titles and books on gender diversity.

Information on the newly renovated MOSAIC office can be found here, and information on upcoming MOSAIC events can be found here.

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