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Royal Farms and Salvation Army donate 4,200 gallons of water to West Baltimore

BALTIMORE — Water was distributed Thursday, but from someone other than the city of Baltimore.

Royal Farms and the Salvation Army of Central Maryland donated 4,200 gallons of water to West Baltimore.

Water in gallon jugs was distributed at the Sandtown Senior Center and also in the Eastwood Park area.

Each company provided 2,100 gallons of clean drinking water.

“Especially older people, you know, who live or just hang out in this area, the last thing they have to worry about is drinking water,” said Nina Christian of the Salvation Army. “They already deal with enough.”

Richard Bennett, who has lived in Baltimore all his life, said it’s hard to stay positive with so much going on in West Baltimore.

“Some people step in and help us out and it’s appreciated because we need it,” Bennett said.

West Baltimore has so many problems, from crime to the school system and now you can’t even drink the water but, out of all those dark clouds comes some light.

“We all come together peacefully, it’s something a little different coming from this neighborhood. Effectively, something a little different,” Bennett said.

“We think we live in a hopeless, worry-free world, people step in no matter how bad it gets,” said Delatha Fields of The Salvation Army. “I’ve seen this in my 50 years in the Salvation Army.”

After the shock and all the complaints, West Baltimore is taking care of it with a bit better attitude.

“I really appreciate what you’re doing. We really need it,” Bennett said.

If the need is still there and they still have water, they will give water on Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.