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Ruben Vardanyan says he is moving to Artsakh and plans to launch Salvation Front

Businessman Ruben Vardanyan, best known for establishing UWC Dilijan College, the Idea Foundation and the Armenia 2020 project, said he renounced his Russian citizenship and plans to move to Artsakh to create a social movement aimed at salvaging what remains in Armenian hands after the 2020 Artsakh War.

Vardanyan, in a video released today from Artsakh, called on Azerbaijan to stop its threats against Artsakh and thanked Russian peacekeepers for ensuring the safety of Armenians in Artsakh.

“We won’t allow you to drive the Armenians out of there gradually. It’s impossible,” Vardanyan said in his recorded message near a 2,049-year-old oriental plane tree in Artsakh’s Martuni province.

“I am making this recording in Artsakh near the unique Tanjri tree, which is known throughout the world as one of the oldest trees. This tree is a symbol of life. A symbol that despite all the winds will live on. there are roots supporting the tree. Artsakh is the root and foundation of all Armenians,” Vardanyan said, adding that he would move to Artsakh as an Armenian citizen. (He was granted Armenian citizenship in June 2021)

Vardanyan said Armenians in Artsakh feel abandoned and forgotten in the post-war period and need the support of all Armenians.

“This is the center of Armenia, which has always been a place of real power for us, and we cannot allow everything that our ancestors created over thousands of years to be forgotten,” he said. 54-year-old businessman known as the father. of the Russian stock market.

Vardanyan co-founded the investment firm Troika Dialog in the early 1990s. He and his managers sold Troika Dialog to Russian state bank Sberbank for $1.4 billion. In 2014, he founded Vardanyan, Broitman and partners, an investment firm serving the ultra-rich.

Calling on the international community to help Armenians in Artsakh, Vardanyan said:

“It’s not just an ancient land and ethnicity. It is one of the cradles of civilization, one of the cradles of Christianity. Cultural and ethnic cleansing is impossible and unimaginable here. Here on this land there are a large number of unique Christian monuments, unique monuments of the culture and heritage of all mankind.

Vardanyan said that the Armenian authorities have neither the resources nor the desire to solve the problems of Artsakh and that the Armenians must unite to develop the country.

“Only a powerful and developed Artsakh, where people believe in the future, can become a place where gunshots will never be heard,” he said.

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