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Salvation Army Evansville Corps Officer Retires After 50 Years in the Organization | News

Salvation Army Evansville Corps officer retires after 50 years in the organization

For nearly 50 years, Loren Carter has made a career of faith and service.

“I’ve always taken it as a call to my life,” said Major Carter, development coordinator for The Salvation Army of Evansville. “That’s what God wanted me to do. He kind of led me in. He opened doors and I said to him, ‘If you want me to do this, open the door and I’ll come through. .'”

Working with the Salvation Army for most of his life, he spent more than four decades as a pastor in 10 different states before joining the Evansville Corps three years ago.

During this time, he worked on grant writing and organizing public relations and fundraising events.

For Carter, moving from ministry to community outreach had its challenges, but despite the obstacles, he knew the community had needs to be met.

“It was a question of whether the army is going to do its job, it must have the resources to do it,” he said.

His years of service have not gone unnoticed.

From increased fundraising efforts to new and revamped community programs, Carter made strides during his time in River City, but to his peers, his service meant a little more.

“He’s been a true ambassador to the Evansville community,” Corps Officer Maj. Jason Poff said. “He truly represents the mission of The Salvation Army that we are here to serve, we are here to meet the needs of others and we will do so in the name of Christ.”

Carter has solidified a legacy not just in Evansville, but with the nonprofit as a whole, but he’s nearing 70 and he said that although he doesn’t feel that old, after a lifetime of work , he is now ready to retire.

“There are things I need to do, slow down a bit,” Carter said. “So, I think it’s time.”

Tuesday was Carter’s last as development coordinator.

It was a day spent with love, appreciation and many goodbyes. Although his time of work for the body is over, his dedication to faith and service will never fade.

“It doesn’t completely go away,” Poff said. “He will still be part of our advisory board so he can get me in shape from time to time and make sure we’re okay.”