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Salvation Army returns to Elgin with two newly appointed Community Chaplains

CHARITY The Salvation Army is back in Elgin with the appointment of two new community chaplains.

Majors Nick and Lisa Hanover have been appointed Community Chaplains in Elgin and will be walking around the community in the future.

Nick and Lisa Hanover, new Salvation Army community chaplains.

As a Christian church and registered charity, The Salvation Army seeks to “share the good news of Jesus by serving others, caring for creation, and seeking justice and reconciliation.”

Until recently, Nick worked as a military chaplain at RAF Lossiemouth.

“We want to explore how we can offer a similar service to the whole local community,” he said.

“We expect us to be on the move within the community, visiting and being present wherever needed, needed or desired.

“We are keen to support, promote and encourage in every way we can.”

Having lived in Elgin for the past six years, Lisa and Nick are eager to work alongside and with others to make a positive difference locally.

Committed to working in partnership, they would welcome hearing from local businesses, charities, schools or community groups that feel they could benefit from wellness support.

To find out more, email or call 07786995320. You can also follow The Salvation Army in Elgin on Facebook and Instagram.

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