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Scraping the scriptures in the name of fashion – Quadrant Online

The Bible, containing 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, is the infallible Word of God, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and having supreme and final authority over all matters with which it deals. It is without error in the original manuscripts and contains all the words God wanted His people to have in order to trust and obey Him.

Can’t say better. I found this while searching for City on a Hill Church and went by mistake to City Hill Church in Minnesota. Yet I believe that the church which caused Andrew Thorburn so much trouble and Daniel Andrews so much demonic apoplexy would also subscribe to the words and sentiments expressed by City Hill Church. In fact, the words and feelings are not exceptional. Apart from the number of books, Roman Catholics have an additional seven that accurately describe the faith of Christians. All Christians, that is, except those among the laity and clergy who, being devoted followers of fashion, have decided to choose the words and sentiments that suit the times and those who do not do not.

Call it what you want. But to interpret the Bible according to the times is heresy regardless of the wacky explanations of woke clergymen. As a result, within the global Anglican community, this led to the establishment of GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference) in 2008. . ”

Daniel Andrews and others like him are appalled, apparently, by the sermons that were issued by the City on a Hill church in 2013. These sermons described the “practice of homosexuality” as a sin (that is- i.e. doing the deed is a sin, not same-sex attraction according to se) and also condemned abortion. The Holocaust reference to abortion, which has now been removed, was reckless, as it usually is. But it is elsewhere. The fundamental question remains. The morality of killing millions of unborn babies.

What I find surprising here is that the rogue who released these sermons must have dated back to 2013 and, in another case, 2016. What has the church done since then? Did he wake up? I hope not.

Let’s be clear, the religion responsible for lifting the western world to enlightenment, freedom and prosperity, to rid the world of slavery, the religion of truth, which is itself true, is unequivocal on the fornication. Sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is a sin. Full stop. So many of us sin, including those who engage in same-sex sexual activity.

Spreading this Christian truth is not bigoted or hateful as Mr. Andrews claims. He is the fanatic and the hater. It is the law of God, whether he likes it or not. Fine, if he doesn’t like it. But better not pretend to be a Christian. To be a libertine or something. A Christian, other than a Christian in name only, accepts Scripture, however inconvenient it may be to his personal preferences. Another thing: the LGBTQ+ brotherhood is free to adopt its way of life precisely because of the influence of Christianity over the centuries and decades on the formation of tolerant societies. Being grateful is the least they can be.

As for abortions, murder is wrong. On that, everyone outside of the devil’s offspring can surely agree. The question is whether abortion is still murder. Although there are many references to unborn babies in the Bible (“…the baby in my womb jumped for joy.” Luke 1:44), abortion is not mentioned. My own view, as it stands, is that not all murders of unborn babies are murders. For some Christians, this point of view is not acceptable, I know. But there it is. To explain in part, not all murder is murder. Killing in self-defense is not murder. David killed Goliath without it being murder. As far as I know, those who were nailed to crosses next to Jesus were not murdered; merely receiving merit from the Roman authorities for their crimes. Thus, Christians are entitled to question whether particular murders are murders.

We are here in a troubled world trying to do our best. In this context, I simply cannot accept the proposition that a woman should be forced to carry a baby who is the product of rape or incest or whose baby will be disabled at birth. And there may be other disastrous circumstances where the decision must be up to the mother. None of us live the lives of others. People might say that the father should have a say in such circumstances. Yes, but not the last word. Always also, it must be remembered that the life of the mother takes precedence over the life of the unborn baby. Common sense and instinct tell us this, but Exodus 21:22-25 makes it biblically clear.

What I’m trying to say is that there is a debate to be had about abortion. But as nearly a million abortions occur in America each year, something untoward is brewing, to say the least. It’s not about women’s reproductive health. It is the use of language to cover up the dirty business of killing a separate and unique human being; whether justified or not. In Australia, there were an estimated 65,000 abortions in 2021; compare this with the 2,500 abortions in 1971. Again, it is difficult to see this square with the sanctity of life, which the Bible proclaims in many passages.

What I found disappointing in this episode were not the sectarian attacks on Mr. Thorburn and the City on a Hill church. This is normal for the course of this ungodly, post-Christian, vindictive age. By the way, the third feature is largely a product of the second. What I found disappointing was the absence of any substantive defense from church leaders in Australia of the positions taken by the church in question. I may have missed it of course.

What I heard is that we all have to move on. See the other guy’s point of view. And whatever you say, don’t mention the Bible. Some samples.

Reverend Tim Costello is quoted as saying, “I can tell you that almost every one of us who goes to church disagrees with the sermons, argues with what is said in church, has very different views than what might even be on the website. Hmm, you don’t say Tim. Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne: ‘Everyone should expect to be judged on their behavior and not on their religious beliefs.’ What about Louis Farrakhan’s religious beliefs about Jews? Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne: “Useful diversity brings people together. Harmful diversity separates people. What does that mean?

No, let’s be crystal clear, the sermons in question are right. Homosexual acts are sins. The mass abortions we see undermine the sanctity of life and must be condemned. Such should be the positions of the Christian churches anchored, as they should be, in the Scriptures. Neither means that we judge others, discriminate against others, or treat others with anything other than consideration and kindness. When are we going to get a church leader to say these things openly and honestly? not be ashamed of the Bible? Being innocuous to the nth degree and hoping to be the last to be eaten won’t work. To paraphrase 1 Peter 5:8, like a roaring lion your adversary prowls and will never give up until you are well and truly eaten, digested and excreted. Better to fight back. Forward the Christian soldiers, marching as if for war.