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Senator Adeyemi proposes bill to end same-religion ticket for President and Vice Presidential candidates – The Sun Nigeria

Sen Smart Adeyemi, (Kogi West Senatorial District), has proposed a bill to end the nomination of candidates of the same religion for president and vice president.

Adeyemi, who revealed this at a press conference in Abuja on Sunday, said there was a need to forestall contentious issues over the nomination of candidates of the same religion by political parties after the 2023 presidential election. .

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that his bill was titled
“A bill amending the Elections Act 2022 and other related matters relating to 2022.”

Adeyemi said the bill sought to amend Article 84 of the law by inserting a new paragraph (3).

According to him, the proposed subsection 3 implied that:

“No political party can nominate candidates of the same religion as presidential and vice-presidential candidates after this dispensation.

“This bill may be cited as the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2022 Bill, 2022,” Adeyemi said.

He said the bill seeks to amend the Elections Act of 2022 to promote religious harmony in the country by discouraging political parties from fielding running mates of the same religion with the presidential candidate.

“I hereby propose an amendment to section 84 of the Elections Act 2022 by inserting a new subsection 3.

“When this is taken into account, it will serve as a guide against any oversights, such as this in the future, as other events will be considered silent.
policies that will be able to tear down the fabrics of the nation.

“For me, as a statesman, I have a responsibility to speak the truth at all times, regardless of malicious acts
misinterpretations,” Adeyemi said.

Adeyemi said he supported the positions of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on the controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket issue.

He, however, said he fully supports the candidacy of Senators Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima as APC candidates in the 2023 presidential election, given their individual leadership performance and leadership pedigree. of governance.

“Let me state very clearly that I fully support the issues and concerns raised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). I am a practicing Christian.

“But we must not confront these issues in a way that will obstruct the fabric of our national unity, peace and stability that we have all fought so hard to maintain.

“Yes, there have been oversights in key appointments in the past, which tends to put Christians at a disadvantage and that has raised apprehensions among us.”

“It should not be seen that there are not eminently qualified Christians to occupy one of these positions.”

Adeyemi called on all Nigerians, regardless of religion, to see the emergence of Tinubu and Shettima as the will of the almighty who rules the universe.

“However, in the unity of faith in our nation and above all in Almighty God, let us lend our support to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates of the CPA to steer the affairs of our nation within the given time frame. .” (NOPE)