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Use financial tools: If you’re managing your mom’s finances, you can make things easier by setting up direct deposit for her income sources and setting up automatic payments for her utilities and other day-to-day bills. Also, consider setting up your mom’s online banking service at her bank so that she can pay her other bills and monitor her account at all times. If you want or need help, professional fund managers (check out to locate someone) can do it for you. They charge $ 60 to $ 150 an hour.

Also, if your mom has a low income, use, a free and confidential website that will help you find financial assistance programs that can help her pay for her medications, utilities, health care. health and other needs.

Get help with insurance: If you have questions about what Medicare or Medicaid covers, or about long-term care, your state health insurance assistance program provides free advice on all of these matters. Call (877) 839-2675 or visit to locate an advisor nearby.

You can also get help at or by calling (800) 633-4227, and through the Medicare Rights Center, which has a helpline at (800) 333-4114.

Tap other resources: For more information, you can draw inspiration from a number of other organizations, such as the Family Care Alliance (, which provides a state-by-state listing of health care programs and services. care ;, which offers care advice, senior housing information and online support groups; the Alzheimer’s Association (, which provides unique information on the challenges of caregivers with dementia; and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (, which provides caregiver support services to veterans and even spouses of veterans.

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