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SAN FRANCISCO, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Today a new startup, ShareWell, is setting out to become an online hotbed for peer support to ensure everyone across the world has access to do mental health a priority. ShareWell is rooted in the power of peer support for people to connect, share and support each other one conversation at a time.

Peer support is a proven healing modality, as studies show that those who participate in a peer support group report an improvement in overall quality of life and experience levels of hope and connection with society. significantly higher. This is all the more relevant now as so many people have experienced distress and isolation due to the global pandemic. The CDC reports that since the Covid-19 epidemic, the percentage of Americans reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression has increased from 11% in 2019 to 42% today.

ShareWell is tackling the mental health crisis by offering a peer-to-peer wellness marketplace that allows anyone to start or join a conversation led by someone who shares a common life experience. The website is launched today to provide daily access to free online video support groups on topics such as emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, Covid-19, drug addiction, gender identity and Moreover.

One of the first members of the ShareWell community says this about his experience: “I came to Sharewell with a broken heart and a broken mind. Every time I joined a ShareWell session, I felt myself getting stronger. could not have acquired the strength I feel now without the power of Sharewell’s peer support. “

ShareWell was founded by CeCe Cheng after experiencing first-hand the power of peer support. During her healing journey from an emotionally abusive relationship, she found that what was most helpful to her was speaking with people who had had a similar experience. The peer support provided her with a safe space to share without being judgmental and made her realize that she was not alone.

“We are facing a mental health crisis and yet we have overlooked a truly scalable and affordable solution,” says CeCe. “Peer support has a proven track record and should be made readily available to everyone. ShareWell aims to be the world’s first online home for peer support and we’re starting by offering free sessions to anyone in need. “

How ShareWell works:

  • Members can join or create a peer support session
  • Each peer support session is an online group video chat led by someone with personal experience of the topic
  • All participants share the same lived experience, no observers or allies
  • Sessions last from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Group sizes vary from small (3-8 people) to medium (8-20 people)

For all inquiries, send an email to

About ShareWell

ShareWell is your home for peer support. We believe in the power of conversation not only to heal, but also to motivate, inspire and transform. On ShareWell, there is no power dynamic and no hierarchy: everyone is on an equal footing. We are the premier peer-to-peer wellness marketplace, allowing anyone to start or join a conversation led by someone who shares a life experience. We currently offer free daily online support groups on a wide variety of topics. Try a session today at

On CeCe Cheng

CeCe Cheng is the founder and CEO of ShareWell. She is a former venture capitalist and startup executive. CeCe was part of the founding team of Makers Fund and was part of the First Round investment team, where she co-founded Dorm Room Fund, a peer-to-peer pre-seed fund investing in student entrepreneurs. Previously, she led marketing at Qwiki, a media startup acquired by Yahoo !, and partnerships at Andela, a global talent market. CeCe is a Chinese immigrant from Shanghai who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a BA of Princeton University.

Media contact

Debra duffy, ShareWell, +1 (914) 643-7117,


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