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Some Serious Thoughts on Sanity, Common Sense, and Salvation

There was a time when reason reigned… above all. The parents are related. Children were allowed to be children. Adults knew children were children, and children knew adults made the world safe. But that has changed, and the results are horrible!

Oh, we’ve always had idiots and immoral people – not just politicians – who thought the rules didn’t apply to them. There was a time when “we the people” actually believed that we elected the best to run our government and who would represent the best interests for the good of us all. Now we are forced to elect whoever is hopefully the best of our sad picks, and that usually ends up being someone who has been or will be bought off by special interest group lobbyists.

Look around us today. Is this current downward spiraling mess what our fathers, uncles and grandfathers fought to preserve through two world wars? Who, who benefits from our current situation? It’s definitely not family, moms, dads, kids or the elderly – and now we’re all at a disadvantage.

Our so-called political leadership has let us down. Along with the mainstream media, they are constantly dividing us! Any child knows how to divide and conquer their parents – by simply pitting them against each other. Shoot, most of us growing up knew that if we answered mom, dad would defend his wife after mom finished us. If we disrespected a teacher or started a fight at school, some of us were more afraid of our parents than of the police! Sure, there were parents, teachers, police, and other adults who went overboard, but that was the exception, not the norm. Today, parents are afraid to be parents, teachers cannot teach the disrespectful animals forced before them, and the police are always the bad guy in any mainstream media report.

So here we are. No one is safe…and “I believe…God and I have understood this understanding.” Yeah, so how does it work?

Some of us will claim, “Well, I just trust Jesus and pray and believe.” To you, I say, “Damn it! The holy word of God says, “Faith without works is worthless” (James 2:20).

Even Jesus said that if the salt has lost its preservative power, it is not even worth throwing it on a heap of “manure”! (Luke 14:35). (Worthless faith and a pile of “dung” is pretty much what we have today!)

So can the sanity, the sense of security, the common sense, the good old salvation come back? Well, let me answer that question with a question:
“What are you willing to do for God to work through you to make this happen?”

And that’s my serious reflection of The Grimm Ranchero.

Disclaimer: These thoughts can be serious or humorous. Enjoy! HR Grimm describes himself as a lovable storyteller, prone to being outspoken, witty, tending toward the sarcastic, saved by grace, and constantly thinking. Grimm, a military veteran, and his wife now reside in La Vernia. Email