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Southeast cross country relishes Portage Trail conference championships

PALMYRA TWP. – There’s relentless positivity around Southeast cross-country these days.

To be fair, cross-country tends to be a delightfully positive sport.

But these pirates, in particular, were wearing big smiles at Saturday’s Portage Trail Conference championships.

And for good reason.

Pirates junior Carter Evans was among Southeast Middle School’s happiest runners on Saturday after earning a top-five finish.

“We’ve worked so hard this season to get him to where he is today, especially to get that under-19 because it’s such a tough course,” Pirates co-coach Julia said. Dillon. “All week we talked to him every day about things he needed to improve, things he needed or places he needed to focus on, and I think today he did that. .”

Spartan Invitational at Boardman High School on Saturday, September 17.  The D3 boys start.  Ryan Keren, Mogadore and Carter Evans, Southeast.

Evans, who crossed the finish line in 18.48, wasn’t just smiling after his run on Saturday.

He was also happy during it, according to Dillon.

“He was in such a good mental state,” Dillon said. “I know when I saw him a couple of times on the course he said, ‘I’ve got an 800 in me’ and those are his words. It was so good and so positive, and I think it is what helped him stay, because Mogadore is tough and Caleb Cutright from Rootstown is tough and he stuck with that.”

Not that Evans was the Pirates’ only cause for celebration on Saturday, or even their only top five.

In fact, South East freshman Julia Wheeler (3rd, 20.36) and Kristen Campbell (4th, 21.04) both finished in the top four, just behind the powerhouse Mogadore duo of Katie Lane and Rachel Whitstone.

“I thought both Julia and Kristen were strong,” Dillon said. “They took off quickly and I saw them pair up at the very start with the top two girls from Mogadore which I think helped them get those third and fourth places.”

There is an undeniable youth movement in the southeast with three underclasses (Campbell, Evans and Wheeler) making it into the top five; junior Christian Schoblocher and second Julia Frick also make the top 10; and the college girls also win a team title.

It didn’t hurt that these young riders were grizzled veterans when it came to Saturday’s course.

“We have home advantage,” Pirates co-coach Monica Kiskadden said. “We knew who we needed to target and we know their weaknesses and we know ours, but we worked on our weaknesses so that helped.”

But it wasn’t just about the subclasses on Saturday, as the Pirates also found a way to honor their two eldest, Kate Campbell and Remie Stammitti, with a post-race ceremony.

“That’s our goal and the other teams would love to join him next time,” Kiskadden said. “We’re going to celebrate seniors, maybe not at PTC, maybe at Super Duals, but we need it.”

“They deserve it because the football players and the basketball players and everybody else has their senior night and cross country kind of gets pushed aside,” Dillon added. “So we decided this season that it wouldn’t happen and that we were going to honor our seniors. So we will continue to do that in the future.”

South East goalscorers at a glance

Boys (3rd, 72): 5. Carter Evans 18.48, 10. Christian Schoblocher 19.14, 16/18. Braydon Rader 20.29, 19/22. Brice Schoenbaechler 21.01, 22/25. Dylan Evans 21.34

Girls (2nd, 49): 3. Julia Wheeler 20.36, 4. Kristen Campbell 21.04, 9. Julia Frick 22.04, 15. Kate Campbell 23.14, 18/19. Claire Dilner 23.46