Spanish version of darkens in Trump’s America

The Spanish-speaking version of the White House website was taken down on the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The page, previously maintained by the administrations of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, darkened late Friday afternoon, as Reverse reports. now the link leads to a 404 page with a message that says “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.”

Other changes to the official website of the new presidential administration include the addition of strong statements of support for gun rights and law enforcement and the removal of prior information described by the Obama administration on the Climate Change Policy and Affordable Care Act, as described by The Washington Post.


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In the first hours after Trump’s inauguration on Friday, the links from 114 pages on the official White House site had dropped to just 38, according to Reverse. Meanwhile, the entire Spanish-speaking site itself was no longer nowhere to be found.

The Spanish-speaking White House Twitter page @LaCasaBlanca also did not post any tweets on Monday.

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The elimination of Spanish translations from the White House online appears to reflect feelings shared by Trump during his presidential campaign, when he criticized any use of Spanish within U.S. borders.

During a Republican presidential debate in September, he defended his criticism of Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish during the election campaign.

“We have a country where, to assimilate, you have to speak English,” Trump said. “And I think where [Bush] was, and the way it came out, didn’t feel right to me. We have to have assimilation to have a country. “

“It is a country where we speak English, not Spanish, ”he added emphatically.

Such a statement was probably rather well received by Trump supporters of the so-called alternative right-wing movement, who advocated white nationalist policies. like ethnic cleansing.

Yet on Monday, the president’s press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that getting rid of the White House page for Spanish speakers was unintentional. On the contrary, he said, the new administration is still figuring things out.

“We started from day one. There was a lot of work to do, and we had done a lot of work on the website to make sure we were ready to get as much information as quickly as possible, ”he said, according to The Washington Post. “We continue to develop the website both in the problem areas and in this area. But we have IT people working overtime to keep updating all of this. Believe me, it’s going to take a little longer, but we’re working piece by piece to make it happen.

The evolution of the new White House website has not gone unnoticed in the Twitterverse.

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