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Surveys 2023: IPC begins training media monitors

The Northern Nigeria Peoples Democratic Party Youth Movement Coalition has demanded the resignation of the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Iyorchia Ayu.
The coalition at a protest at the PDP secretariat in Kaduna on Friday said the national president must keep his promise and step down, following the crisis the party has faced since former vice president, Atiku Abubakar , landed the party’s presidential candidate ticket for the 2023 general election.
The spokesperson for the coalition, Mr. Shehu Isa-Dan’Inna, said that the PDP was not a party of the North, but a party for everyone, whether North or South.
He said: “The PDP is not a democratic party of the peoples of the North nor a democratic party of the peoples of the South, we must be fair and united, to enable us to win at different levels in the next general elections of 2023. If the internal crisis of the PDP persists, I don’t think we will win the presidential election.
“For the PDP to project transparency as it always has, the North should not occupy about three key positions in the party.”
Isa-Dan’Inna, who noted that some governors and PDP leaders, particularly from southern Nigeria, were insisting that for the sake of fairness, northern Nigeria should not hold both the ticket party presidential and national presidency, said the country needed the PDP in charge. of his affairs for the general welfare of Nigerians.
“About six governors fight one governor. In the south, we have about four presidential candidates from different parties, which will reduce our votes, and the ruling party is also strong in the south.
“Wike is also strong, we don’t want to split our votes, that’s why we are asking Senator Iyorchia Ayu to step down.
“It will be better for us to lose Ayu as PDP chairman and win the chairmanship, than to leave him and lose the chairmanship,” he added.
He further urged the PDP board and national working committee to be fair and just in order to bring the party to victory.
“If Ayu keeps his promise, victory will surely be ours and Nigerians will smile again, party leaders must act to save Nigerians, we don’t want to continue to suffer,” he said.