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SALVATION ONSTAGE: Sweatt brings biblical characters to life in the program – The Vicksburg Post

Rita Sweatt is on a mission to bring people closer to God. A pastor’s wife, Sweatt, of Amory, performs 45-minute solo shows in period dress focusing on women in the Bible and highlighting their relationship with God as a way to help people to understand that they also have the same relationship. It’s a message […]

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Cardinal Cantalamessa: The Eucharist is coextensive with the history of salvation

In his meditations for Lent this year, the preacher of the Pontifical Household focuses on the Eucharist in the history of salvation, emphasizing the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in the liturgy of the Word and the eucharistic liturgy. By Benedict Mayaki, SJ In addition to the many evils caused by the […]

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The Trinity in Salvation

This is another in a series of excerpts from “What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity”, published by MBC’s High Street Press (visit In his book Rearrange Trinity, Rodrick Durst notes that there are 75 Trinitarian references in the New Testament. Many of these passages reveal the collaborative work of the Father, Son, […]

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TERRY MATTINGLY: Influential Catholic Cardinal: Wrong Catechism on LGBTQ Doctrine | Religion

It is not every day that a prince of the Roman Catholic Church, and a strategic Jesuit ally of the pope, openly rejects centuries of Christian teachings that oppose the fundamental doctrines of the sexual revolution. “Church positions on same-sex relationships as sinful are wrong,” Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg said in a recent interview […]

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Standing Firm in the Grace of God: The Benefits of Salvation Through Jesus Christ

THEME: STANDING FIRM IN GOD’S GRACE THE BENEFITS OF SALVATION THROUGH JESUS ​​CHRIST 1 PETER 1:13-2:3 When we come to God and God redeems our souls, we have many wandering thoughts about ourselves, Him, and how to have a real relationship with Him and others. Our salvation, which is permanent and secured by the finished […]

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Union with Christ Is Christian Doctrine of Salvation, Renowned Theologian Says in Annual Norton Lectures | News

Union with Christ is central to the doctrine of salvation, theologian Fred Sanders told the Southern Seminary community during this year’s Norton Lecture Series, held February 9-10 at the Heritage Hall. Sanders gave three lectures on “Union with Christ, systematically considered. Sanders is professor of theology at the University of Biola and author of numerous […]

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Salvation is Free, but Expensive | The life

God’s salvation and forgiveness are incredibly expensive, yet absolutely free. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a free gift from God to sinners who trust Him. The good news of Christianity is that Jesus Christ freely and fully forgives us, saves us, and justifies us. What does justification mean in this context? Justification is a […]

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Yesha Ministries specializes in providing Christ’s salvation to drug addicts | Religion

In their determined quest to heal the spiritually ill, Yesha Ministries operates as a church focused on reaching people at the lowest point in their lives. The ministry began in 1998 as a small group of devotees who got together and held a service at a school, then a hotel, until they purchased their current […]