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The Big Brother star is going to run the London Marathon for the Salvation Army.

Glyn Wise, a former Big Brother contestant and now an aspiring priest, will run the London Marathon in October to raise money for the Salvation Army.

Glyn, who grew up in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales, first ran the London Marathon in 2008 just after stepping out of the Big Brother house when he was just 18 without training.

“I didn’t really know what I was getting into,” he said. “I didn’t realize how long 26 miles was, but this time I’m going prepared. I joined the local athletics team and we trained a lot, so I know I can do it well this time. We have just done the Lisbon half-marathon which I completed in 1h20.

“I run with a mix of people. Some are Christians and some are not, but they always ask me to pray before our meals when we socialize after going out for a run. I love teaching people about the Bible and Christianity, and I’ve noticed that more and more people I run with are becoming more interested in it. Much like when Jesus told his disciples to go over there and spread the good work of God. I feel like that’s kind of what I do. I think it’s good to talk to people who aren’t Christians but are still curious.

When asked how he would encourage anyone to enter the London Marathon, he replied: “Make sure you have trained at least a year before. Make sure you’re at your best to go. Don’t do what I did when I was 18 and try to do it without any training. It’s also a great way to raise money for charity.

“My advice for getting through the tough miles or if you hit the wall, is to make sure you drink plenty of water or fluids. Do your stretches – and one tip is to keep a few sugar cubes in your pocket to help you when you need that sugar rush to keep your energy going I also find it helps the mind because sometimes you’ll have these voices in your head saying “I want to give up” but the sugar rush really helps you to Continue.

“I would always recommend praying in the morning to get you on track and ready for the day.”

Glyn said: “I have always been a Christian, but after spending time in China where Christianity is growing massively and helping the homeless community, I wanted to continue the good work I was doing when I came back to the Kingdom. -United. ”

“They do church in a different way there, they make it very modern and bring it into the 21st century. You go to church, and they bring rock bands on stage to do the hymns. They put the bible in the context of 2022 and how it can help with your mental health We were helping the community and helping the homeless and I thought there was something to that They told me when I would get back home that I had to continue the good work at home.