THE BOYS Season 3 adds BLOOD & TREASURE star Katia Winter as Little Nina

The boys has added a new actor for his upcoming third season, and fans of Garth Ennis’ controversial source material should be very familiar with his character.

Spoilers for The boys comical, and most likely the spectacle, follow.

According to Deadline, Katia Winter (Blood and treasure, Sleepy Hollow, Dexter) will play Little Nina, who is described as “a Russian mafia boss with a penchant for sex toys whose death is among the most shocking moments in comics.”

Considering all the insane, nihilistic, and dastardly shit that goes on in the comics, this probably isn’t enough exact, but Nina’s disappearance is certainly … memorable.

During the story of the “Glorious Five Year Plan”, the boys meet Nina and her team on a mission in Moscow, and Billy Butcher ends up getting rid of the ruthless gangster by planting a bomb in his vibrator (insert joke on explosive orgasm here). While the series has proven to be slightly more subdued than the comic in many ways, we have a feeling that Eric Kripke and co. will leave that particular point of the plot intact.

Season 2 of The boys ended with the death of Billy Butcher’s wife and the apparent disbandment of the team. We do know that they will reunite, however, most likely in an attempt to bring down the increasingly psychotic Homelander.

Queen Maeve was able to blackmail her rage-fueled leader into falling back in the finale, but actor Anthony Starr has already confirmed that he’s really going to let go in season 3.

It is also been confirmed that the highly controversial Herogasm comic book arc will be adapted – although we’re sure they’ll be forced to remove or tone down at least some elements of that story… right?

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