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Since 1997, Robert B. Parker, the author of the hugely popular “Spenser” thriller, has developed another character who has stood the test of time and has become someone to pay attention to. Beginning with “Night Passage” in 1997, Jesse Stone became Chief of Police in Paradise, Massachusetts, leaving California with its alcohol problems. Jesse is an alcoholic whose main problems center on Jenn, his obsessed ex-wife. He was fired from the profession of Minor League baseball shortstop when his shoulder was permanently damaged, leaving Jesse rudderless, until he joined the LA Police Department and accessed the theft and homicide division. He was good at being a cop. Then his drinking destroyed his future again, with no place in the police world as he knew it.

But, he was hired by the city of Paradise, Massachusetts because the city council believed he could be controlled because he was drunk. They were wrong. “You can fire me, but you can’t control me,” he told the elders when one of them attempted to commit a major crime that Jesse discovered in time to thwart.

But alcohol consumption continues at night when he returns home. And then Jesse’s creator, Robert Parker died….

In eight books, Robert B. Parker developed Jesse Stone to a point where someone could pick up Jesse’s story, with him still drinking but only outside of work and while obsessed with Jenn. But there are other people in Jesse’s life as well. Its trusted staff made up of police officers; Healy, the homicide state chief, and the women. A lot of women.

In fact, the women pounce on Jesse. In each book, there is a woman or two who replaces Jenn. And he could be an Olympic sex medalist. Truly, he only sees women as sexual creatures, rating them based on their attractiveness, regardless of their age. Attraction, and affection however, he sticks to his code; women should know that he is still in what he calls love with Jenn.

There are sixteen Jesse Stone novels in total, with one more to come. They were primarily written by Reed Farrel Coleman, who is blessed by the Parker family. Under his pen, and a few others who shot him, Jesse grew up, both more aware of how his drinking is a destructive force to his happiness, and how Jenn clinging to a past with Jesse is. equally destructive and hard to beat.

It took me two months to read all of Jesse Stone’s novels so I could talk about the second posts in each book. Gangs, child prostitution, drugs, and contract murder are some of the issues that Reed Farrel Coleman brought into Jesse’s life, and with each confrontation he continues to grow as a person.

As Dix, Jesse’s psychiatrist, puts it quite clearly when discussing Jesse’s condition: “The mess is not very helpful in my job,” Dix said. “But it’s not unusual for someone in your situation to take all the blame for these circumstances, not out of guilt, but because it gives them the power to change it.”

Jesse is a classic hero who has a place to work, but with many obstacles in his path. Self-imposed or externally provoked, he sticks to his hard-earned code of conduct and corrects what is wrong. Her way is not the easy way, whether with women or the law. Her future is a difficult dance between obsession and control. I am convinced that happiness is part of his cure.

Jesse is a good man driven by law to be a better man. The people who appear in his life are believable. Take the time to discover his life in Paradise.

There are sixteen Stone books, and each of them could be a standalone novel, a starting point. A new novel is due to be published: “Fool’s Paradise” (Penguin Publishing Group ISBN-13-: 978-1-4328-6858-1) from 2020 is the latest. Jesse Stone’s novels:

“Night Passage”, 1997

“Trouble in Paradise”, 1998

“Death in paradise”, 2001

“Change of sea”, 2005

“High profile”, 2007

“Stranger in Paradise”, 2008

“Night and day”, 2009

“Split Image”, 2010

“Kill the blues”, 2011

“Cheat on me twice”, 2012

“Cursed if you do”, 2013

“Blind Spot”, 2014

“The devil wins”, 2015

“Debt payable”, 2016

“The executioner’s sonnet”, 2018

“Colorblind”, 2018

“The Bitterest Pill”, 2019

“Paradise for Fools” 2020

“Stone throw”, 2021

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