Christ religion

The fanaticism of Christain Religion in Nigeria

Religion is the biggest threat afflicting Nigerian society. Surprisingly, our problem is not even politics but religion. Some religions breed sectarian groups, fanatics and extremists, those who can kill and cause mayhem and who would not fear to wipe out all of humanity or go all the way in the fight and defense of their religion .

When we talk about religious extremism and fanaticism, people first think of the Islamic religion, but surprisingly, Islam is not the only religion with some fanatical and extremist sects; some Christian religious groups are likely to breed extremists who, if left unchecked, will soon begin to take up arms to wreak havoc in the name of fighting for their god, for their leader, or for the defense of their church.

Some Christian religious leaders are raising cult members, feeding their minds and regaling their souls with adulterated doctrines of the Christian faith, some have turned some of the followers into violent extremists ready to explode at the slightest opportunity.

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What Happened on the Sunday Worship Grounds is a recent case study of how certain Christian religious groups, if left unchecked, can explode into terrible violent groups that can do anything , “anything” to defend their leader or their church.

The protest organized on Sunday by members of the Ministry of Worship or ‘worshippers’ (as they are affectionately known) against the decision of the highest authority of the Catholic religion in Enugu State to remind the order from the spiritual director of the ministry of worship should be cause for concern.

Story Background: Adoration Ministry is a religious group founded by Father Ejike Mbaka and located in Enugu State, Nigeria. Father Mbaka, as he is known, likes to get involved in politics and tell his followers who to vote and who not to vote during the election period, sometimes he publicly insults politicians and curses them in his church in front of congregants .

The story goes that he (Mbaka) had an unsettled score with Mr. Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State and a presidential hopeful under the Labor Party platform and he (Mbaka) has had a wind that peter obi is contesting for presidency he launched a verbal attack on peter obi he said in front of his followers that peter obi is a miserly person and cannot be president of nigeria a miserly man cannot be Nigerian president.

Mr Mbaka, during his weekly ministry service last Wednesday, reportedly insisted that Mr Obi will never be Nigeria’s president in 2023 because Obi is a “stingy man who does not give money to people”. “.

He said that unless Mr Obi returns to his ministry to apologize for refusing to donate to the ministry when asked to do so, his ambition to become president of Nigeria will be in vain.

Many Nigerians, especially young people who have been key advocates for Mr. Obi’s emergence as Nigerian President in 2023, have individually called out and criticized Mr. Mbaka for his comment on Obi.

The Catholic Church’s Diocese of Enugu initially dissented from Mr Mbaka’s comment and the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Callistus Onaga, later banned Catholic members from attending the activities of the ministry of Father Mbaka until further notice.

Worshipers in the chapel launched a fierce protest on Sunday, protesting against the bishop, some are even threatening to kill the bishop and kill Peter Obi and some can be heard praying boldly for the Holy Spirit to kill the bishop.

The fact that a Christian religious group can mount a strong protest against the senior leader of its organization on the grounds that the latter has called its leader to order is embarrassing. One will be forced to wonder what doctrine is taught to them in their place of worship because the Bible that I have also read which is the manual of the Christian religion declares:

“Everyone must submit to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” – Romans 13:1.