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The North Consistory has a new president

The North Consistory has a new president

Reverend Simon Kofi Yeboah was inducted as the new presbytery president of the North Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana.

The well attended the service was held on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at the Congregation of Unity in sakasakaa suburb of Tamale Metropolis, the capital of the Northern Region.

Reverend Kofi Yeboah go serve for the next five years.

The moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Teacher. joseph Obiri Yeboah Mantiswho officiated the service, asked people in leadership positions to be humble and avoid arrogance, greed, and the intoxication of power.

The Rt. Rev. Teacher. Mantis urged the new president to ensure that during his tenure more people know about Christ than ever before and warned him against anything that would discredit the name of Jesus Christ and Christianity in general.

He advised the new presbytery president to sow seeds of evangelism and love among the congregation. He also urged him to keep in mind the Church’s Vision 1.5 agenda.

The new President, Reverend Kofi Yeboahin a brief address after the enthronement, thanked the leadership of the Presbytery for the trust placed in him and pledged to fulfill his duty to help win more souls for Christ.

Reverend Kofi Yeboah said that the Presbytery had contributed a great deal to educate people and would continue to do so to facilitate the development of the region.

He commended past presbytery presidents for their dedication and exemplary leadership that has made the presbytery one of the best in the church in terms of church growth.

He promised to implement the mission, vision, strategy, and Presbytery development plans, and to promote evangelism to win more souls for Christ.

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He paid tribute to the founding fathers of the Church who sacrificed their lives to sow the seed of Christianity among the people of the region.

Reverend Kofi Yeboah is a product of Trinity Theological Seminary, Accra, Christian Service University College in Kumasi, and Tamale Polytechnic.

Among those who honored the onboarding service were the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev. Dr.. Godwin nii No I Odonkormembers of the General Assembly Council across the country, the Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Shani Alhassaan Shaibuchiefs, family members, clergy, and others.