The qualities of the crown chakra shadow and how to find its gift

This hurt isn’t just about being disconnected from each other, it’s about disconnecting from the infinite multiverse that each of us is a part of. Human beings are not separate from nature. We are nature and we are intimately linked to the celestial world. Any astrologer can assure you that the change and movement in the cosmos has a direct impact on the human experience.

This understanding is reflected in cultures and traditions around the world: we see archaeological structures from ancient cultures around the world that reflect the night sky. In Kundalini Yoga, each finger is associated with a celestial body – and because of this, we can control our destiny simply by moving the body. Even our language reflects this understanding. Saturday represents Saturn, Sunday, the sun, Monday, the moon, etc. But this relationship is not limited to culture. It is unmistakably physiological.

the circadian rhythm is an example of how the sun and moon affect physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health. And just as the environment and the cosmos affect the human experience, our behavior has an equally important impact on the macrocosm of which we are a part. Climate change is a prime example, as is our collective response to the current pandemic. The global shelter-in-place effort has supported the environment in several ways. The crown chakra allows us to deeply understand our impact. So when we are in the plague of the crown we completely forget our connection to everything and we cannot feel the spirit, the source, God or any other term with which we resonate.

To heal the wound of disconnection, we have to reconnect. We must awaken our individual and collective relationships with the earth and the cosmos. We already have everything we need to heal this wound, but we must choose to heal. We must consciously elevate ourselves in the gift of unity.

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