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The Queen’s funeral procession in Edinburgh – your online view

Huge crowds turned out to pay their respects as the motorcade carrying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II passed through Edinburgh (Photo: Ian Forsyth/WPA pool/Getty Images)

Fantastic work. The Scottish Police, Scottish Government and especially Edinburgh City Council have done so well. The Scots were great too. They made us all proud.

Expertly organized without a hitch. The crowds were incredible. They got to see everything that won’t happen in London up close!

It’s so true. Yes. Well done Scotland.

Fully agree. Scotland was proud of the unity and dignity it showed in honoring a great person!

Scotland and everyone involved showed pride and gave Her Majesty a beautiful and well-deserved start without time for rehearsals and the whole world to watch. Fantastic. Condolences to the entire RIP family.

Proud to be Scottish, what a beautiful send off we all gave to Her Majesty.

It was amazing, well done Scotland, proud to be Scottish.

Quick question – would the bins have been emptied if the queen had died a few weeks earlier or would they have been left overflowing and rubbish all over the floor?

Fully agree. Scotland is proud of it – well done to all.

For the big screen broadcast of the Queen’s funeral on Monday, they are expected to have interpreters. It’s just for all deaf people. I’m legally deaf and visually impaired, that’s why I’m asking.

We should be proud. We didn’t have full rehearsals like in London, we just did it in full view of the world.

Organization of phenomenal events by all participants. Thanks.

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng proposes removing cap on bankers’ bonuses to boost City of London

The Tories are proposing to scrap the cap on bankers’ bonuses, which pleases many of their cronies and secures future party handouts from this sector, and again raises two fingers to the public.

The pits and therefore Tory. Upgrade ? A joke.

Why should we voters/taxpayers sit back and allow this to happen when the country is in the state it is in after 12 years of Conservative government?

Does this mean that bankers can give themselves even bigger bonuses? It seems that governments are only interested in creating a bigger wealth gap between the already rich and the already poor. People have to stop voting for the Conservatives, it’s very simple.

Raising workers’ wages will cause inflation, but not bankers’ bonuses. Oh!

Like all other money laundering pirate states.

I thought he said he wanted to invest money in the UK so he could cut food banks…too bad, I misread.

Edinburgh astronomers stunned and delighted as ‘shooting star’ is spotted over the capital

It’s our Lizzie looking at all of us one last time.

Saw a really cool one in the winter of 1981/82 in Inverness. I was standing at the bus stop and it was like someone had dipped a tennis ball in gasoline, lit it, and thrown it over my shoulder, behind me.

I saw one in 2003 while driving from Gifford to Haddington going west to east, exactly the same as this one.

Even if it was a UFO phenomenon, they wouldn’t tell us.

We had a great view of the sky above Corstorphine Hill. It was amazing!

These are daily occurrences, some brighter than others.

It may be the second coming, God knows we need to be saved. A little divine intervention is needed now.