?? The road to Emmaus ?? – The real staircase to heaven

George Papa captures the life of Jesus Christ and the gift of life he offers in an enlightening book.

Many people are unsure of their religion. Is there a God, in other words? What is the nature of God? Before we were born, where did we all come from? What is the goal of humanity? What is the identity of Jesus Christ? Is there a distinction between God and Jesus? What is the significance of the resurrection? What is Satan’s name? What happened to Satan? What about the church? Is it possible to have a true Church? And the hereafter? Is it true that God never tells us what will happen in the future? Can we put our faith in the Bible? Is there anything else in the Bible? What about our transgressions?

Dad will force everyone to dig deep into their faith and uncover the realities before and after death in a 65 page quick read. He reveals the truth to everyone ?? The road to Emmaus. ??

To all questions, there are answers. This book began long before Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, 6,000 years ago. It has 65 pages and 19 color illustrations. Long ago, God Elohim and his lovely wife led mortal lives in another world far from the cosmos. They were so righteous, obedient, and deserving that they became gods, and in what is called pre-existence, they gave each of us our individual spiritual birth. And there was our own mortal birth on this planet. There is also a promise that if we are worthy, we can become gods and goddesses ourselves, just as they have.

As they walked to Emmaus, a small village seven miles northwest of Jerusalem, the resurrected Christ manifested all of this and more to two of his senior apostles, Peter and John, as described in the Bible. This little-known event is recorded in the Bible, and it took place shortly after sunrise on the morning of Christ’s resurrection after he had been in the tomb for just 34 hours.

Look at the scriptures and they will lead you to eternal life. This book is a big step in the right direction.

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The road to Emmaus: the gift of Christ’s life
Author: George M. Papa
Editor: Your online publicist
Publication date: April 2021
Type of book: Religion & Spirituality

About the Author:

GEORGE PAPA (born in 1943) never doubted God. He was raised in a pious Christian environment in rural and lean northern Arizona. Firstly, her mother was curious about what this world was like and she instilled a very positive influence on all of her five sovereign sons, George being the eldest. Second, the overall anchor was the Mormon church, in which the family was active. Most of these small towns were the result of Brigham Young sending thousands of families out of Salt Lake City to settle all of the west. For George, it wasn’t just sitting and listening on a bench, it was reading, studying, playing ball, scouting, hiking canyons, doing chores, and coming to his own conclusion about God.

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