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The Salvation Army International – Limitless God: The Best Is Yet To Come

September 26, 2022

GENERAL Brian Peddle welcomed the international leadership of The Salvation Army to a historic, hybrid leadership conference in Vancouver, Canada during his keynote address on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

Speaking with passion and conviction, he shared his faith in the Almighty and in the future saying, “My heart overflows with everlasting hope, the foundation of which is deeply rooted in the adequate supply of the grace of God and his provision. My expectations for those days were surrendered to God “infinitely more” and I prayed, “Thy will be done.” My confidence is at an immeasurable level because I believe we are in his hands. My days leading and being part of this army remain indescribable, my faith in the Almighty drives me to cry out into our unknown future that with you I can be certain… The best is yet to come!

Full participation

Officers present in person and online paid close attention in a silent room, save for the faint murmur of translators working quietly in the background. In a spirited address, the general shared his grief over missing colleagues who were unable to attend in person due to international travel restrictions. He said: “I pray against further disconnection in the world and hope for better days. We strive to get the full participation of all our leaders through the creative use of technology.

Boldly confronting the work of the devil, the general spoke of the division in the world today. He described not only an obvious “roaring lion” whose work is easily identifiable, but also a stealthy and scheming adversary, who seeks to destroy all that the Salvationists hold dear. Rejecting this outright, he said, “The worldview suggests that we are intolerant, that we are no longer on the right side of history, that our beliefs are outdated, and that the moral law of the gospel is no longer acceptable. Legislators are often not Christians, know little about the Bible and care less about its teaching. The result is that in years to come we will often find ourselves at odds with the world. I hear in my heart the words of Joshua: “Be strong and courageous. If there was ever a time for Booth’s vision of a global army to blossom… it’s now.

“We must be faithful”

The general urged leaders to reject the devil’s ambition that we become sentimental about our spirituality and instead encouraged them to become “graciously zealous, even militant.” He said, “Such mediocrity would be a sin and would be quite pleasing to him who seeks our demise. The Church stood as a beacon of light and even in the worst of times God’s mission moved forward and thousands found faith. Any compromise at this point seems ridiculous. Faithful we must be.

General Brian Peddle addresses international leadersCourageously addressing the difficult issue of human sexuality and asking leaders to “guide conversations to help our people serve without discrimination,” the general said Salvation Army doctrine is structured to provide spiritual direction and is not designed to embrace all dimensions of human sexuality and gender identity. He said: “I confirm that our position is unchanged and not under review. I note that this is cold comfort for those who disagree and for some who found little grace in the military when they needed it most. Our ambivalence, our judgments and our condemnations have not pointed anyone to Jesus. It cannot be an endorsement of, but rather a desire to “walk with”.

“Created in his image”

He continued, “We need to fully explore and experience what it means to become an ‘anybody’ army, a salvation army. If we leave our Doctrine out of the conversation and by grace let Christ be exposed as the Savior of the world, maybe some of the pain and pain will start to subside, maybe the controversy over “for or against” will become less obvious. a focus, and perhaps we will fully understand what it means to be created in his image.

Turning to the work of the coming week, the general focused his attention on the crucial issue of ensuring that the Salvation Army of the future is fit for purpose. He emphasized that intentionally devoting time in the program to identity (who we are and what we do), people (with pastoral oversight, stewardship and growth) and the priority of being “an army ; a whosoever Army,” should help leaders focus on these vital elements while ensuring The Salvation Army remains positioned as “a people of faith, committed to a mission unhindered by the flow of God’s blessing.” .

Paying tribute to the humanitarian work of this evangelical Christian movement, the General acknowledged the significant contribution made by the Salvation Army’s provision of essential services such as health care, education and housing. More than that, he underlined the worldwide need for this amazing international Christian movement with its biblical messages and a ministry motivated by the love of God. He passionately reminded us that the global mission of The Salvation Army is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without prejudice or discrimination. He said, “We pledge ourselves and his army into the able hands of our infinitely greater God, our boundless God. Amen.’

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