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Greetings from The Springs! I know. Everybody talks about it. It was great.

You have probably understood that I am talking about The Springs Gas Giveaway. Wow, what a phenomenal day we had in the Bealls Outlet parking lot sharing God’s goodness. We met great people from several counties in our area. Some were aware of the giveaway and others were pleasantly surprised when they stopped to see what was going on.

I want you to know that whether you were able to get a gas card or not, we are praying for you. As I said in previous articles, we will start over. Keep reading.

Last Wednesday was prayer and witnessing, so there is no Bible study news this week. However, this evening was an amazing time to be at The Springs. Many prayer requests were made as well as many testimonies of the goodness of our great God. I’m looking for you this week for class at 7:30.

On Sunday, February 13, Dr. Kathy Hubbard recognized Sherry Terrell during the service. She praised her for the work she does at the Madison-Morgan Food Pantry. Sherry, along with many other volunteers, dedicate their Saturday mornings to serving our community. Let me tell you, she runs a well-oiled machine. Plus, volunteers are some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet.

If you’re looking for a way to help someone, donate to this pantry. It benefits multiple counties and maybe someone next to you. Contact the pantry or show up on Saturday morning at 9:30. Once again, Sherry Terrell leads a wonderful service for our community.

The Sunday message touched many of us in the congregation. This week, Pastor Robert L. Terrell, Jr. took care of the time. He said one of the biggest tests Christians face is time. If you took a moment to think about it, you’d agree.

Its main text came from James 1:1-6. This whole passage is about testing, but some may have a different perspective on what is being said here. God does not try to tempt us. Yes, He will allow us to go through trials but God is not the one who brings temptations. This is the work of the enemy.

“My brethren, count on all the joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” Pastor Terrell said don’t just look at temptation. Examine everything. Keep in mind that the enemy is the master of deception. Remember that it is he who brings temptation. Consider everything about your situation and calculate the cost.

When God allows us to go through a trial, it’s for a reason. The test of our faith produces something in our lives. We have to grow through the situation. God is working something with our faith and it takes time. As God does this, He molds us, but we have a choice. We can accept the situation and get out of it, or we can walk through it and allow God to show us what He is teaching at that time.

This is another point raised by Pastor Terrell. Everything in the Kingdom is in the reverse order of the world system. In the physical, we can eat until we are full and then stop. In the spiritual, the more we eat of the Word of God, the more we hunger for it.

“But let patience have its perfect work, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” Again, we can let the situation defeat us or we can stay the course and allow God to do His work in us. If we allow patience to do its perfect work, God will finish or complete us.

Now, as we go through a trial of time, if we don’t understand, we can ask God for wisdom. The only requirement is to ask Him in faith. We ask in faith quoting His Word on the situation. Remind God what He said.

In closing, Pastor Terrell reminded us of several Bible passages that have stood the test of time. Consider Abraham, Sarah, David and Paul. They all had long situations but they stayed the course.

Whenever a challenge or situation arises in your life, ask God what he is trying to reveal to you. Speak His Word in faith as you stand the test of time. Glory to God!