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A Guide to the Narrow Path Walking with Yahweh

Edward Monjay reveals the narrow path to redemption.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 13, 2022 / — Most churches today are partially wrong about salvation. People who hope to seek the true path to enlightenment are misled to a different path instead, without the knowledge of repentance and the true name of the savior, Yashua or Yahweh (God).

Author Edward Monjay, with an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, carefully describes the explanation of sacred scriptures and shares practical recommendations for living a spiritually centered life. Monjay delves into comprehensive topics such as marriage matters, true salvation and repentance, Saturday as a Sabbath day, Satan’s temptations, preparing your soul to listen to Yahweh, and much more.

Monjay talks about a controversial idea, he states that Christians often misuse God’s name, that to refer to Almighty God in any other way is disrespectful and a form of idolatry. He shares, with his best intentions, that Yahweh (God) will judge the reader’s decisions after reading his book. It’s a challenge to change the perspective of Christians who believe deeply in the New Testament, but Monjay is determined to bring Christian apostates back into the fold with his book.

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