Christ cross

Their cross to bear – for 33 miles

COEUR d’ALENE — Robbie Walden enjoys walking. He appreciates more when he is joined by a large crowd and they carry a cross.

Next weekend, Walden and his wife, Yvonne, will lead a 33-mile crosswalk in Coeur d’Alene.

“It’s a great way for the body of Christ to come together in fellowship, while participating in an uplifting event and spreading the gospel,” said Walden, a Heart of the City church leader in Heart. d’Alene.

The march is scheduled to begin at 5 a.m. on July 30 in the heart of the city, 772 W. Kathleen.

Walkers will take turns carrying a large wooden cross as they make their way to Independence Point, then to Higgens Point, then step back in time for the 6:06 p.m. service.

There will be stops for devotions, lunches and baptisms.

A truck with food, drink and medical supplies will also follow, ready to transport people.

“Not everyone can participate in the 33 miles,” Robbie Walden said.

Walden, an Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, was shot dead in Iraq on April 7, 2004.

Three operations later, he recovered enough to become a country singer.

His two most recent singles are “Take These Chains from Me” and “Tissues and a Bible”.

Today he and his wife are in full-time ministry and crosswalks are part of their faith.

Walden said crosswalks started more than a decade ago with former Army teammate and friend Billy Weatherall in Bossier City, Louisiana, who started “Christ Fit,” which included crosswalks 100 mile pedestrian.

Next Saturday’s walk will not be as long and should last around 12 hours.

They will pray as they go, “over the city, region, state and country.”