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Tosin Bee relies on a steady rise

Gospel Minister, Adejumobi Oluwatosin popularly known as Tosin Bee is one of the few gospel musicians who have taken gospel music to a new level.

The gospel of One Halleluyah Records since breaking into the industry has never failed to deliver inspiring musical works that uplift souls and populate the kingdom.

The “You Are God” crooner, who has been on a steady rise in all offshoots, has undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with as he has wreaked havoc in the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike with his brand. .

Still in the euphoria of the success of his median music concert and enjoyed a massive reception in his latest album titled “Praise Unlimited”, Tosin Bee is optimistic to take the city of Lagos by storm with another concert titled “ Switch With Tosin Bee”.

The gospel minister, who just released a single titled “Jesus,” as well as uplifting souls with his popular monthly program called “Communion with Tosin Bee,” also expanded his boundaries by creating a cutting-edge video technology and audio recording studio called Beezle Studios.

Tosin Bee, as he is affectionately known to fans, has spared no effort since his discovery by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) label, and he has since taken advantage of the platform and expanded his tentacles as a gospel musician through his labors and ingenuity.

According to him, he views his steady rise in the gospel circle as a rare privilege and that he would not hesitate to ignite souls with the revelations of God as well as populate the kingdom of God through his musical works.

“I believe there are many people who can do what I do and even better, but I have only had God’s favor and mercy. I believe it is a privilege and I cannot thank God enough for the grace. While on campus, I joined the Redeemed Campus Fellowship (RCF) as a member of the choir.

“Eventually, I became the music director of the fellowship. At that time, I already had an image that the music ministry is where God wants me. After college, I moved to Lagos and the rest is history,” he added.