Trans Day of Remembrance: UK trans mutual aid fund to which to donate or enlist support from

Stop mass roaming

Help us end mass homelessness

If we don’t act, the UK faces a homelessness crisis this fall.

Gendered Intelligence, a grassroots organization run by trans people, wanted to counter dehumanization and scrutiny – by launching a campaign to show that the lives of trans people are just as boring as those of cis people.

“We wanted to give a glimpse into the realities of everyday trans life: walking the dog, going to the pub, swimming,” said a spokesperson.

The #TypicalTrans campaign encouraged trans people to film daily videos showing “the normality and banality that often characterizes trans life”, away from the “endless ‘debates’” around their rights.

The campaign ended on Saturday ahead of Trans Day of Remembrance, when people around the world will come together and honor peers lost to transphobic prejudice and violence.

These communities are often best served by local trans-led support networks like Gendered Intelligence, as trans self-help groups across the UK do crucial work to support, protect and fight for trans people, not binaries and various genres.

But they need cash to continue their vital operations. Donating to specialist organizations can ensure that a vulnerable trans person can find safety and community.

Here are some of the UK trans mutual aid funds in your area, how to donate and how to get in touch if you are looking for support.

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Trans Mutual Aid Manchester supports trans and non-binary people with essential costs including emergency accommodation, purchase of binders and transport to appointments at gender identity clinics. Donate here.


Black trans and non-binary people are more frequently the targets of hate crimes and violence than their white counterparts, and face greater challenges in accessing decent housing and health care. The Black Trans Alliance supports these communities in London through campaigns, a distress fund, education of people outside the community and peer support.

The Outside Project is a community center and domestic violence refuge for the LGBTQ + community, especially for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and excluded from mainstream services.


TransLeeds provides support and advocacy for trans people in and around Leeds, as well as their family and friends. The association is run by volunteers who offer advice, support during meetings and practical help. They also manage the Leeds Binder Library.

Leeds non-binary offers financial, practical and social support, including for healthcare and legal processes.


The Small Trans Library in Glasgow is a lending library for trans and non-binary people as well as groups, workshops, social events and self-defense classes.

Their support fund has distributed over £ 30,000 to people across Scotland. Donate here.


Birmingham LGBT has offered sexual health testing, community groups, support for survivors of abuse and has been hosting a queer arts festival for almost 20 years. Donate here.

North Ireland

TransgenderNI provides resources, cash support, community events and skills programs for trans people. The organization provided hundreds of people with emergency funding for food, rent and bills during the pandemic. They are raising funds to reopen their community center in Belfast.


With local branches in Cardiff and Swansea, Trans Aid Cymru was formed in 2020 after the government scrapped reforms to the gender recognition law it had promised.

The organization provides a plethora of on-the-ground support to trans, non-binary and intersex people. Donate here.

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