Weekly horoscope from July 27 to August 2, 2020, from AstroTwins

For the third time in 2020 (including May 3 and 20), the alluring Venus in Gemini squares with the Neptune nebula in Pisces, a difficult angle that prevents us from resisting anything, especially temptation. And good luck reading an obvious signal, let alone the tea leaves spread out and staring you in the face. Venus is the planet of love, and Neptune, the fantasy spinner, is a hopeless romantic. When they meet in a dark place, our love lives become particularly slippery. With both planets in mutable signs, we’re hungry for variety – frustrating enough in a year when choices of all kinds are hard to come by.

These cosmic mashups, which first occurred on May 3 and again while Venus was retrograde on May 20, certainly confused things. The grass looked greener on the other side; talkative charmers led lovers astray. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Relationships that were stuck in a waiting pattern with can be completely detached now. Soulmates, on the other hand, continue to be attracted to each other by a mystical force.

The final examination of this Monday of Venus and Neptune can bring a final “harmonization”. The only thing to do here is to surrender (Neptune in Pisces) and maybe just admit that you are confused as hell (Venus in Gemini). You probably won’t be lucid enough to make a decision. So, can you just talk honestly about your uncertainty? Isn’t it wrong to want “both” instead of “either / or”? Admitting this sets the stage for transformation as the week progresses. If you’re feeling super stuck, find a quiet spot for a little Monday meditation. Bring your journal and let your feelings cross the page. You may not be ready to discuss it yet, but at least your subconscious can start to grasp the possibility of a change.

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