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Weir: ACC helps those facing rising prices – Cross Timbers Gazette | Denton County South | mound of flowers

Although everyone is affected by inflation, some find it more difficult than others. In the wake of a disastrous pandemic, our country is now in the throes of an impending recession. Rising food and gasoline prices have caused some people to choose between food and medicine. Christian Community Action (CCA) is one of North Texas’ largest private nonprofit organizations, providing more than 10,000 individual services each year. The faith-based organization in Lewisville recognizes the toll imposed on so many by today’s economy. Therefore, having a spot in the area that helps make ends meet is a godsend!

CCA, at 200 S. Mill St. in Lewisville, operates a food pantry that functions as a grocery store. Families choose what they need and will use. More than 500 families per month shop at the food pantry. CCA also issues about $160,000 per month for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance. Through careful case management, CCA’s holistic approach, from rescue to transition, helps families in need achieve self-sufficiency by offering a “helping hand” instead of a handout. “They’re struggling,” ACC President and CEO Gilbert Montez said. “A lot of the families we help are working families, but they just can’t make ends meet.”

I asked Mr. Montez to come in for an interview to inform our viewers of the many ways the ACC can be helpful during this economic downturn. He sent the following short biography:

“Gilbert joined CCA in April 2020 as President and CEO. He came to CCA after spending 6½ years at Buckner International serving children and families across Texas and in international locations. Before that, he spent 10 years on staff at The Village Church in Flower Mound after spending around 20 years in the corporate world, working for GTE/Verizon and Saber Holdings.

“He is originally from San Angelo, Texas, and he and his family have lived in the Lewisville area since 1994. He is a graduate of Angelo State University and Dallas Baptist University. He and his wife, Beyla, just celebrated their 41st birthdayst birthday, and they have two adult daughters who are both married. They are also the proud grandparents of five grandchildren. For more information: