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Fasten your seat belts, because both Mercury and Saturn have gone retrograde. Mercury will remain in its new position until June 22, with Saturn taking a little longer to complete on October 10.

Planetary retrogrades are common occurrences where the planet seems to be moving back in its orbit from Earth’s point of view, but in astrology, the downshifting of a planet is more than just a change in the direction of the orbit.

Full-time astrologer Tess Lee pointed out the importance of paying attention to retrogrades and what they mean to different people.

Lee said with this mercury retrograde, communication, travel or transportation issues, technology and even situations involving fraudulent scams can be common themes in people’s lives over the next few weeks.

As for Saturn’s retrograde, Lee stated that this affects society as a whole more than individuals and to seek a refocusing of broader themes that have been seen when Saturn was retrograde last year from May 10 to September 29.

“What we might see is more of a refocus on COVID metrics and distancing,” Lee mentionned. “It’s about the structure of the company and so we’re going back to what that structure looked like at the start of this year, particularly in March.”

Kimberly Kapela, a junior journalism major, said this Saturn retrograde is everything on improve his relationship with herself and learn to find protection and a sense of security while staying in her apartment away from home.

“This retrograde was personally a little difficult for me just because I had a lot of different emotions, I felt very disconnected from myself and I felt that my apartment was not protected spiritually,” Kapela said.

Lee said the key to truly understanding astrology and how certain events relate to a person are the houses in which different planets fall on the natal chart of a person.

“People will describe the planets as the ‘what’, the houses like “where”, then signs like “how”, “Lee mentionned. “The houses are arenas, the planets are the actors and they play a role, and that role is described by the sign.”

She also explained the meaning of a person’s “big three”, which consist of his the sun, moon, and ascending signs and their unique relevance to that person’s identity.

Lee said the sun refers to our concept of self and represents who we are, the moon being the maintenance of what reminds us to take care of ourselves. She also explained that a person’s rising sign refers to their purpose and vocation.

Kapela said she believed in spirituality and astrology determine certain aspects of their daily life and give them a sense of control over their emotions and expression. As a Libra Sun and a rising Pisces Moon, Kapela said that she feels like she generally fits the traits of this zodiac. signs and that his horoscopes are correct.

Graphic designer and graduate Student Melanie Silver said astrology is an important part of paganism, a spiritually-based religion that she has practiced for years.

As a Capricorn, Silver said that many stereotypical Capricorn traits relate to her personally, such as focusing on her. organizing and creating lists. Silver said there is a great pagan community of Chicago and she met many other astrologers via Facebook groups as well as Columbia College Chicago’s own group, Call of the Cauldron.

Silver said she learned about backsliders through the stories and discussions of different people through her involvement in the pagan community. Silver said that during Mercury retrograde she is careful about the timing of certain events, otherwise the plans become chaotic.

Lee advised people take their time this backward and savvy journey and travel can be chaotic. She also now added is not the right time to make important deals or agreements, such as signing leases, and problems with technology may be more common.

“There’s going to be a lot of issues surrounding the truth and what the truth is on a larger scale,” Lee said. “Gemini is also a sign of trickster, so Mercury retrogrades can be the perfect ground for scams and fraud. I would say a warning to anyone on this Mercury Retrograde is to try not to get ripped off or fool.

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