White House supporters push to shed light on ‘black money’ at Supreme Court

Sometimes the former Rhode Island State Attorney General in the United States can seem conspiratorial, such as when he testified in the House that he found “clippings, front groups, false stories. , hidden funding. He has the job of a covert operation.

He spent 30 minutes at Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation of charges hearing explaining it, using a red marker to circle the names of people and organizations and drawing lines connecting them on a series of 17 small posters.

“It just hasn’t caught on,” Whitehouse said this month. “So you just have to keep hitting the match until it catches fire and you find some tinder, then you can make your case.”

Reduced to a paragraph, his argument is this: For decades, corporate interests have focused on the control of US courts. They did this with the help of private groups who are not required to disclose donors. These groups help select and promote conservative judicial candidates by using millions of “black money” for advertising. These donors also anonymously fund groups that carry and support Supreme Court cases that cover their agenda. And that led to more than 80 partisan 5-4 decisions under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. that gave top Republican donor interests victories.

Whitehouse’s approach and persistence to prosecution has made waves in Washington’s small niche that focuses on federal courts. Among Democrats, however, Whitehouse said he saw “a slow awakening to the fact that this is a serious problem.”

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