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Who were the winners of religious politics and who were the losers of the midterms of 22? —GetReligion

Power Up: the best reads of the week

1. Explanation: Laws and customs in Qatar before the 2022 World Cup: The autocratic country “has sought to present itself as welcoming to outsiders, but traditional Muslim values ​​remain strong in the hereditary ruled emirate,” says Isabel Debre of The Associated Press.

Qatar “says it will ease in the face of the unprecedented influx of tourists. But fans attending the World Cup should be aware of Qatar’s laws and cultural customs, including tourism policies. alcohol, drugs, sexuality and dress code.

In a related story, Mariam Fam and Luis Andres Henao of the AP Religion team report that some LGBTQ fans skip the World Cup, fearing hostility.

2. Who wants to live with Catholic nuns? Mixed college: “At Neumann University of Pennsylvania, undergraduates share a convent with sisters,” The wall street journal reports Melissa Korn.

“The sisters and students are now making a habit of getting together for nature walks, swapping travel tips, planning knitting lessons, extending occasional dinner invitations, and marveling at each other’s lives,” notes this A-Hed report on the front page.

CONTINUE READING:Faith and Politics: Winners and Losers of the 2022 Midterm Elections” by Bobby Ross, Jr., at Religion disconnected.